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ABC June 24 signed a strategic partnership with Maxwell Systems that will support ABC’s goal of helping members win work and deliver it safely, ethically and profitably. Maxwell Systems delivers an all-in-one construction software solution and is a leading provider of expert services and best practices that empower contractors to eliminate waste and run a more efficient and profitable business. 

“This partnership with Maxwell Systems gives ABC members access to a trusted industry source that can provide insights into how to use the latest construction software solutions and technology to more efficiently and effectively manage their businesses,” said ABC President and CEO Michael Bellaman. “We are excited to have Maxwell Systems create a dialogue with our members and help them improve their productivity, as well as profitability.”

Under its ABC partnership agreement, ABC members will have access to Maxwell’s team of technology and implementation best practice experts. Maxwell will deliver a knowledge base, technology stewardship, and a greater understanding of software utilization and process improvement for effective business leadership.

In addition, Maxwell will develop several educational webinars using its Best Practices Guide series where ABC members will have
access to Maxwell’s technology and implementation best-practice experts. Download the first published guide for free – “Optimizing Your Construction Business for Profitable Growth.”

Maxwell professionals are eager to connect with ABC members at chapter events. They want to learn about members’ experiences, use of technology and any additional needs they have. Maxwell also wants to develop a rapport to help better serve ABC and the industry.

 “Approaching 40 years of serving the needs of contractors, Maxwell realizes this is a perfect time to reinforce our core principles as a company dedicated to being all-in and going all-out for our customers, as we also meet the industry demand for a true all-in-one construction software solution,” said Jim Flynn, president and CEO of Maxwell Systems. “In all things, we focus on ‘empowering construction,’ and this partnership with ABC is another valuable extension of that driving force. Our organizations share a commitment to helping construction businesses win more work, gain competitive advantages and leverage opportunities for success.”