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ABC announced new resources made available to its members through its membership in the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention. ABC joined the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA)-led alliance in October 2016 to help provide resources and disseminate information on suicide prevention and mental health awareness in the construction industry, with a goal of building a zero-suicide industry.

A 2016 Center for Disease Control (CDC) report showed that construction is one of the most at-risk industries for suicide, with 1,324 of the 12,300 suicides (10.8 percent) studied occurring among individuals who worked in the construction or extraction industries. To fight this epidemic, ABC is encouraging member firms to include employee mental health in their safety programs.

“Associated Builders and Contractors is committed to helping our members send their employees home safe every day, and that includes raising awareness about suicide prevention and mental health,” ABC Vice President of Health, Safety and Environment and Workforce Development Greg Sizemore. “ABC applauds CFMA for its leadership on this issue and looks forward to working with alliance members to share resources and promote best practices that elevate the wellbeing of everyone who works in our industry.”   
“As a suicide loss survivor, I know all too well the pain that comes when a family member takes his or her own life,” said ABC Senior Media Relations Manager Jeff Leieritz, who staffs the alliance. “I believe that our efforts to begin conversations about this difficult, but vital topic, identify suicide warning signs and potential triggers and raise the profile of mental health can make a meaningful impact on the construction industry.”

Resources provided by the alliance and available to ABC members include:

  • Dr. Sally Spencer’s A Construction Industry Blueprint: Suicide Prevention in the Workplace
  • Mental health posters for display in the workplace available in English and Spanish
  • Information and tips on how to plan an education session or suicide prevention summit
  • Published articles on mental health in the workplace and suicide prevention warning signs
In addition, the alliance will promote CFMA’s Suicide Prevention Summit series to chapters and members across the country. Upcoming events include:
  • CFMA Chicago Chapter (February 1, 2017)
  • CFMA Grand Rapids Chapter (April 25, 2017)
The Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention includes 16 organizations, representing the construction industry and the mental health community. Additional resources are available on the alliance’s website.