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On May 1, ABC sent a letter to the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works advocating for improvements to draft legislation that is being considered by the committee, the America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2020 and the Drinking Water Infrastructure Act of 2020.

While the draft legislation represents a path forward on this vital issue, ABC believes that the committee should consider allowing funds to be awarded through a fair and competitive bidding process. ABC further recommended support for an all-of-the-above strategy for skill development where workers and employers have the freedom to choose the best way to educate construction employees that maximizes innovation to achieve world-class safety and productivity.

These pieces of draft legislation follow the Committee’s surface transportation legislation, S. 2302, America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act of 2019, which passed the committee unanimously last year. ABC is still reviewing the draft legislation and will continue to advocate for ABC member priorities in upcoming negotiations.

In addition to advocating for improvements in the draft water infrastructure legislation, ABC called on Congress for additional investments in residential, commercial and transportation infrastructure to further accelerate the recovery of the U.S. economy from the COVID-19-induced downturn.