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The ABC Pelican Chapter recently held a fundraiser to help staff affected by Hurricanes Laura and Delta. Through the sales of “Louisiana Strong” shirts and cash donations from members, families and other nearby ABC chapters, the ABC Pelican chapter raised nearly $10,000.

Hurricane Laura was one of the strongest hurricanes on record to make landfall in the United States, directly impacting ABC Pelican staff, members, friends and neighbors in Southwest Louisiana. Six weeks later, Hurricane Delta followed just as the community was getting back on their feet.

“ABC Pelican staff and members are a close-knit family, and we are there to help each other up when we are down,” said Erika Walter, communications director for ABC’s Pelican Chapter. “It is with overwhelming gratitude we announce that we have raised approximately $10,000 to go directly to help our Southwest training center staff.”  

The chapter would like to thank everyone, including the ABC New Orleans/Bayou, ABC Georgia, ABC Text Gulf Coast and ABC West Virginia chapters, for their fundraiser contributions.