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On May 1, ABC and 430 business organizations highlighted key immigration priorities for the 118th Congress in a letter urging U.S. representatives and senators to find a path forward to enact necessary reforms that ensure border security and address the economic and workforce needs of businesses throughout the United States.

ABC believes that the ongoing crisis at the border requires timely action from Congress and the White House. Securing our nation’s border and ensuring an effective immigration system that welcomes individuals throughout the world to pursue the American dream is critical to the future of our country and the economy.

In our divided government, any immigration reform proposal must implement bipartisan solutions to fix America’s failing immigration system. ABC supports lawful immigration reforms that address the construction workforce needs of the 21st century, anticipate the future flow of immigrants to the United States and eliminate incentives for individuals to illegally enter the country in search of work opportunities. ABC will continue to work with Congress and the administration to stabilize and improve our nation’s immigration system and support well-paying jobs for America’s workers.