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ABC’s Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter recently expanded into Philadelphia by developing the Philadelphia Opportunity & Workforce Education Resource Initiative, which aims to reach “Every Philadelphian, from every neighborhood” and promote the pathways to becoming a construction craft professional. The POWER initiative will also create long-term growth opportunities for individuals, communities, ABC members and the city of Philadelphia.

“Our presence, this initiative and our commitment to change lives in Philadelphia comes at a time when this city needs new opportunities more than ever,” said Joe Perpiglia, president & CEO at ABC’s Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter. “2020 was a tough year and there are so many construction jobs in Philadelphia and across the country that need to be filled.”

The initiative kicked off in June 2021 when the chapter, along with Trades for a Difference, John Bartram High School and Liguori Academy, came together to recruit individuals in the area with a series of presentations and networking events. More than 230 candidates attended the events to learn more about careers in construction and how to get involved. Those who were interested in moving forward were then scheduled for an assessment test and interview.

Those who passed the initial assessment and interview moved onto a construction boot camp, which provided a basic overview of the construction industry combined with essential employability skills. Those who completed the boot camp had the opportunity to be employed with ABC member companies and enter ABC’s registered apprenticeship program. The initial programs are in carpentry, electrical and plumbing trades.

The chapter intends to provide all of these candidates with employment opportunities at ABC member companies to kick off their careers in construction. They also hope that more individuals will get involved once the chapter expands its training centers over the next few years.

For more information about this initiative or ways to get involved, contact POWER at [email protected].