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On Nov. 10, ABC’s Free Enterprise Alliance announced it has completed a $200,000 issue advocacy ad buy to educate the public on dangerous policies in the Democrats’ reconciliation bill and other legislation moving through Congress.

“As partisan negotiations continue, this important advocacy campaign urges constituents to tell Congress to oppose this reckless spending bill’s harmful tax increases and costly labor mandates,” said ABC Vice President of Legislative & Political Affairs Kristen Swearingen. “Hardworking small and family-owned businesses in the construction industry will be devastated by the proposed tax increases in the multitrillion-dollar reconciliation bill. FEA and ABC are sending a strong reminder that small businesses, and ultimately the American public, thrive when they can keep more of their paychecks, which would enable them to invest in their businesses, create new jobs in their communities and grow the economy.”

This FEA campaign includes a 30-second digital video ad called “Stop Tax Hikes,” a dedicated website and social media ads.

As a capital-intensive, domestically oriented industry comprised mostly of small, family-owned and closely held merit shop construction companies employing hardworking Americans, ABC’s 21,000-plus members have historically paid the highest effective tax rate of any sector of the economy. As proposed, the reconciliation bill seeks to rob small construction businesses of the key victories of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, such as the 20% deduction for qualified pass-through income. Family-owned businesses are dealt a huge blow in the reconciliation bill as it seeks to get rid of the doubled estate tax exemption of $11 million.

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