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As the presenting sponsor of ABC's 34th annual Excellence in Construction® Awards, the ABC Insurance Trust embraces merit shop principles to highlight the pivotal role that healthy competition plays in improving the construction industry. The Trust’s innovative benefits enhance workforce well-being and make high-performing ABC member companies more appealing to top talent in a competitive market while delivering significant savings on healthcare and retirement plans.

There is a critical lack of competition and transparency in the healthcare arena. The current system relies on ambiguous pricing and third parties with misaligned incentives, which affects how much ABC members and their employees pay for healthcare, leaving members at the mercy of the same organizations year after year.

Employers and employees blindly accept bills from hospitals and insurance carriers without actively knowing the actual cost of the service or, more importantly, the quality of the provider. This conundrum also extends to prescription drugs, where exorbitant prices persist despite more reasonable alternatives worldwide.

The ABC Insurance Trust works with members to introduce healthy competition into the employee benefits evaluation process to eliminate this healthcare dysfunction in an industry deeply affected by rising healthcare costs. Through its newly launched healthcare captive, the Construction Healthcare Alliance, the Trust brings contractors from across the country together to leverage strength in numbers and initiate real change.

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