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At the ABC national convention, Tim Mongeau, director of workforce development, announced the pilot of the new online Workforce Development Management System. The WDMS is a simple yet comprehensive self-assessment to evaluate an organization’s current workforce development program to identify opportunities for enhancement and validate they’re on the right track.

Submitting the results of the assessment will generate prescriptive results that will assist the organization in taking the right next steps as they grow their workforce development program. The WDMS is modeled after the STEP Safety Management System and uses a similar process for self-assessment, scoring and personalized feedback. The result is a familiar and easy-to-use online tool.

The pilot is open to all ABC member companies and, best of all, there is no fee for the use or submission of the evaluation. If your organization is interested in participating in the pilot, it is recommended that you download the WDMS application and use it as a worksheet to prepare for your final submission. To download the WDMS application or begin a new application, navigate to For more information, please contact Timothy Mongeau at [email protected].