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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published its Year in Review 2017-2018, which details the agency’s progress on achieving three objectives laid out by Administrator Scott Pruitt during the first year of the Trump administration:

  1. Refocusing the agency back to its core mission 
  2. Restoring power to the states through cooperative federalism 
  3. Adhering to the rule of law and improving agency processes
In the report, the EPA announced that, throughout the year, officials met with more than 350 stakeholder groups. The agency highlighted the launch of the Smart Sectors program, a partnership program between EPA and regulated sectors focused on achieving better environmental outcomes, of which ABC was a participant. Mike Bellaman was quoted in the Year in Review hailing the program: “The nation’s construction industry welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with regulators to ensure that environmental protection is streamlined and cost effective. That’s the way government can help industry be more productive, create more jobs and grow the economy.”

In addition, the EPA announced that it finalized 22 deregulatory actions, which they estimate will save the American people more than $1 billion in regulatory costs. ABC supported the agency’s efforts during the deregulatory process, submitting public comments on its proposal to rescind the 2015 Clean Water Rule: Definition of "Waters of the United States” and its proposal to repeal the Obama-era Clean Power Plan

ABC appreciates the bold and timely action being taken by the EPA and appreciates the administrator’s ongoing commitment to transparency, accountability and effectiveness of the EPA. ABC also looks forward to continuing to work with the agency to ensure necessary protection of the environment while supporting jobs and the energy needs of hardworking Americans and the construction industry.