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ABC’s Environment, Health and Safety Committee will be testing phases of ABC’s new STEP Plus program from December 2012-May 2013 and is looking for ABC member company volunteers.

The STEP Plus program will take the core concepts of ABC’s industry-revolutionizing STEP and provide a road map for participants to progress from basic safety compliance to a culture where safety is the core value. The STEP Plus program will center on center on four key phases: 

  • leadership commitment;
  • cultural transformation; 
  • safety systems and processes; and 
  • long-term results and monitoring.
The volunteers are needed to:
  • progress through the four phases;
  • test and evaluate components of each phase (perception surveys, safety plans, personnel surveys, etc.); and
  • develop relationship models for mentor/participants
There is no cost to take part, and volunteers will be credited as the first to participate in STEP Plus marketing materials.  To volunteer, send an email to ABC’s Safety Director Chris Williams, [email protected]