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On June 10, ABC’s Construction Executive magazine held a webinar featuring ABC chief economist Anirban Basu that focused on how the COVID-19 pandemic has rocked a nearly invincible economy, wreaking havoc on the construction industry, and how the current recession might dovetail into prospective growth in the future.

Basu helped listeners grasp the impacts of the pandemic on GDP, inflation, employment, construction spending and materials prices as well as provided an update on ABC’s Construction Backlog Indicator and Construction Confidence Index survey results. He also conducted a Q&A session, where attendees received answers to questions such as:

  • What are some of the positive impacts of COVID-19 on the economy?
  • Which shape does Basu forecast for a recovery—“V,” “Swoosh,” “W” or something else?
  • How would a change of administration impact the economic outlook?
  • Which markets will struggle in the next 12 months?
  • Given the "new normal” of social distancing, do you see a significant trend in the retooling of office space?

The webinar, sponsored by Hudson Insurance Group, Smith Currie, FOUNDATION Software and Autodesk Construction Cloud, is currently available for viewing via

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