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Incorporating technology to improve productivity and addressing a shortage of workers are among the top challenges facing the construction industry, according to chief executives from ABC and other leading firms at this year’s BuiltWorlds Summit in Chicago. The exclusive gathering brought together architecture, engineering, technology and construction leaders and strategists to engage in open discussion about the current and future state of the built industry in April.  

The summit allowed leaders to consider obstacles affecting their fields and discuss the evolution of these industries through discourse, networking events and panels. ABC President and CEO Mike Bellaman participated in a panel on future workforce and industry trends that included questions about the challenges companies will have to face to keep up with diverse trends and demands. Bellaman and panelists Tony DeAscentis, CEO and co-founder of Ving LLC; Aaron Salow, CEO of XOi Technologies; Pete Schermerhorn, president and COO of Triax also provided insights on how today’s CEOs and organizations are utilizing new technologies for work spaces and confronting challenges such as finding the right hires for an organization and developing their skills and talents to bring out the best in them. 

Addressing technology and the labor market in construction today, Bellaman said, “The number-one inhibitor to growth for our construction company members is that they can’t find people. It’s a crisis that demands we be open to change. That’s why I think construction technology is really ripe to solve new problems in our industry.”

The panelists also offered advice to those wanting to be a part of the changing landscape of these industries. “It is an employee’s market right now,” said Bellaman. “If you are an employee who is driven, has desire, wants to achieve, you’ve got tremendous opportunities at this point. CEOs out there want to train and retain those people and continue to build their leadership skills.”