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As Election Day approaches, ABC National is ramping up efforts to ensure that the voice of the merit shop is heard loud and clear in battleground states on Nov. 8. Funded by the Free Enterprise Alliance, ABC’s travel teams supplement the association’s broader political advocacy efforts by engaging in member education and get-out-the-vote efforts in concert with ABC chapters and members ahead of the 2016 election. ABC’s travel teams will be on the ground throughout the fall in several states including Florida and Pennsylvania, but the size and scope of our efforts are not limited to select swing states.

Earlier this year, ABC launched an updated version of, a nonpartisan online election resource for companies and their employees that includes:

  • Voter registration links
  • Key issues summaries
  • Important election dates and deadlines
  • Employee engagement/do's and don'ts
  • VOTE posters and paycheck stuffers
Every vote in Congress is of equal value, and much is at stake in this election cycle. That is why it is imperative that ABC members are educated on candidates’ stances on key merit shop issues—and take action.

For more information on ABC’s grassroots advocacy efforts, contact Ashleigh Davenport.