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ABC brought together construction users and contractors to discuss industry safety, quality and workforce issues during its first Industrial Users Summit, Oct. 22-23 in San Antonio.

During the event, attendees met to discuss common issues that affect the way projects are planned and delivered, as well as demonstrate how merit shop contractors deliver value to customers. The summit also gave ABC member contractors an opportunity to understand what owners need during the planning and delivery process.

“I found ABC’s Industrial Users Summit to be a refreshing forum for construction firms and their cross industry user community to engage in open dialog on the most important issues that face them,” said Joe Clements, director, power generation, commercial operations, LG&E and KU Services Company. “The presentations and ensuing candid discussions on safety, quality and productivity were thought provoking, and provided me with insights on ways to improve results in these areas within my company.  I look forward to attending next year’s Summit to continue the learning’s and extend my professional network.”

In addition, Construction Concepts Founder Mike Casten discussed how users and owners can work together to improve simple productivity management techniques that are often overlooked, such proper planning and commitment to an overall plan, frequent communication about the impact of changes to a plan, having a well-organized and resourced jobsite, and reinforcing the goals of the crew on a regular basis.

Industrial Users Summit attendees included representatives from large industrial construction firms such as Cajun Industries, NOVA Group and Kwest Group, as well as major construction users such as GE Aviation, LG&E and KU Services Co, Hospital Corporation of America, Valero and ISN Software Corporation, which is an owner representative for a number of large industrial contractors.

ABC would like to thank the following companies for sponsoring the first Industrial Users Summit: