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ABC needs volunteer leaders for the launch of its Diversity Resource Groups (DRGs).

Do you have a passion for diversity and inclusion?
Do you have leadership experience in the construction industry?
Would you like to assist ABC members in becoming world class diversity leaders?
Would you like to help ABC drive industry diversity and inclusion in order to attract a diverse workforce to the construction industry?

DRGs are voluntary associations of people who have common interests, which may center on race/ethnicity, gender, goals or other factors. These groups can play a vital role in articulating, promoting and supporting the needs and goals of their various constituencies as well as helping to create a culture of diversity and inclusion within ABC. Participation in DRGs is open to all members of ABC who are committed to the objectives of the DRG regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, etc.

Each DRG is dedicated to understanding our industry—the workforce, the workplace and the marketplace—from the perspective of a single demographic group and that population’s distinct needs. The DRGs will assess, help to prioritize, and move to address the needs of underserved populations within ABC and among our external partners, customers and in the communities where we do business.

Leaders and members are needed for the inaugural ABC DRGs for:
African-Americans/Blacks, Asians, Persons with Disabilities, Latinos, LGBT, Native Americans, Veterans and Women

For more information, please contact Kim Greene at [email protected].