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If you’ve recently been in an airport or watched either the Masters Tournament or the World Series, you’ve probably heard the terms cloud computing, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. But what do these terms mean? And what do they imply for someone working in the construction industry?  

A new book, Precision Construction, provides some of these answers. Part 1 of the book will immediately give you a better understanding of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and IoT. It is organized around five technologies: those that power construction machines, connect the machines to the Internet, collect data from the machines, learn from them and allow businesses to digitally transform themselves. 

However, this book isn’t just about abstract ideas. There are also eight case stories of these digital technologies in action from contractors, rental companies, OEMs and suppliers, including JLG and United Rentals, two of ABC’s strategic partners. There are stories about the construction machines and technologies of the future, including a brick-laying robot and the use of augmented reality glasses on construction sites, as well as stories about how leading-edge contractors are using software to change the way they do business. These case stories are applicable to all stakeholders in the construction industry.

According to ABC President and CEO Mike Bellaman, who had the opportunity to review an advance copy of the book, it is a “must read” for construction leaders—especially for those looking for practical applications for technology. Bellaman invites ABC members to educate themselves about the digital builder of the future by checking out Precision Construction, available for Kindle today, with print and audiobook versions due out shortly. Sign up to receive the Kindle e-book for free through Oct. 26!
Furthermore, ABC has invited co-author Vince Vasquez to present highlights of the book at ABC Convention 2019 in Long Beach, California, March 24-28. You won’t want to miss this—register today!