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ABC and 40 of its chapters joined the More Time for Full-Time Initiative in urging the U.S. Senate to co-sponsor the Forty Hours is Full Time Act of 2015, which would restore the traditional definition of full-time employment to 40 hours per week in the Affordable Care Act (ACA)which currently defines full-time as at least 30 hours per week. 

The letter cites that employees are being hurt by lost wages and hours because the ACA 30 hours per week definition is forcing employers to restructure their workforce by reducing their employees’ hours to alleviate the burden of compliance. Switching back to the traditional 40 hours per week definition would benefit both employees through more hours and income and would allow employers to focus on growing their business and creating jobs, rather than restructuring their workforce.

ABC also supported the Save American Workers Act (H.R. 30) which was passed by the House to replace the ACA’s definition of full-time back to the traditional 40 hours per week.