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The construction community has the opportunity to bring the recognition of mental illness and suicide risk out in the open for an entire industry. Recognizing the signs, having resources for assistance available, and removing the stigma associated with mental illness are important steps we can take to prevent suicide. 

The Construction Financial Management Association-led (CFMA) alliance will hold upcoming summits in Las Vegas (Sept. 26), Nashville, Tenn. (Aug. 17) and Needham, Mass (June 20). 

ABC joined the alliance last fall to help provide resources and disseminate information on suicide prevention and mental health awareness in the construction industry. Last year the Center for Disease Control found that construction is one of the most at-risk industries for suicide, with 1,324 of the 12,300 suicides (10.8 percent) studied occurring among individuals who worked in the construction or extraction industries. To fight this epidemic, ABC is encouraging member firms to include employee mental health in their safety programs.

More resources and information about the alliance are available on CFMA’s website.