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Safety training, education and professional development are all critical to a top-performing company. These investments can powerfully shape culture, reinforce expectations, provide valuable feedback and equip the workforce to meet or exceed expectations.

Selecting Effective Goals

Traditionally, safety training was measured by whether it resulted in the desired behavioral change. The training process may have been implemented by just reading rules, watching the same old video or running through modules online. Sometimes, it seemed the goal was simply completion of the training rather than engaged learning for understanding. Ineffective goals for health and safety training lead to a culture where people adhere to expectations only when certain people are watching. This destroys the creditability of the safety culture and creates an underperforming system based on luck. 

What does it take to be engaging? Be intentional about identifying training needs and making the training meaningful to the workforce. In contrast, providing heat stress training in the middle of a cold winter is not going to be engaging and will erode safety culture. To be effective, supervisors need additional training, not just on procedures and management policies, but professional development as well. The more highly trained the supervisor, the more effective they will be in their role. Now more than ever, the supervisor also needs to be a resilient leader to advance the program.

Choosing the Right Methods

The maturity of a company’s health and safety program and journey will determine the method used to train and educate. For a company with a mature program, the training might feel more like a discussion group. But for one just beginning the journey, or for a company with many new employees, health and safety training need structure and formality to ensure the clarity of the message.

When people are engaged and equipped in a way that is meaningful to them, they will choose to work safely because they want to. And they will continue to do so if they are supported with proper planning and resources. This creates a strong and effective health and safety culture.

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