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As many as 31 states and the District of Columbia now mandate the use of facial coverings in public in some form as new infections have surged across the United States in recent weeks. Some states, such as North Carolina and New Jersey, specifically mention the construction industry in their executive orders and require compliance with the order both by workers and jobsite visitors. Additionally, a number of cities in states without a statewide mask mandate have issued their own requirements for individuals to wear facial coverings in public. In some places, such as Texas, counties with minimal cases are exempt from the order.

This comprehensive list outlines facial covering mandates from state to state, including the various requirements for residents, businesses and employees of those businesses. While nearly every state, with the exception of Iowa and South Dakota, require certain businesses to comply with mask orders, the recent trend has been to expand these requirements to all citizens out in public, with the exception of some activities such as vigorous exercise.

In terms of federal guidance, OSHA has these existing guidelines for the construction industry, which includes guidance around facial coverings and all OSHA requirements regarding respiratory protection and other PPE. ABC contractors and member companies may also consult their local ABC chapter for assistance with state and local facial covering requirements.

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