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Updated Sept. 29:

Without a deal to pass a stop-gap funding measure by Oct. 1, President Joe Biden will face the first federal government shutdown of his administration. ABC has put together a series of resources to help guide ABC member contractors through a shutdown.

Departments that are affected by the shutdown offer guidance to contractors on an agency-by-agency basis. Contractors are encouraged to look for information on shutdown/contingency plans on agency websites to learn how the shutdown affects them.

Contractors can consult the Office of Management Budget’s Agency Contingency Plans (this website will be updated as plans are posted) and Frequently Asked Questions During a Lapse in Appropriations (Updated Sept. 27, 2023). 

Below are links to contingency plans for federal agencies that contractors may work with:

ABC is continuing to monitor discussions surrounding the shutdown between the White House and Congress and will continue to provide updates in Newsline. Members are encouraged to reach out to the ABC government affairs team with any questions or concerns.

If the government shuts down this weekend, no monthly construction economic data releases will be issued until sometime after the government reopens. Because ABC will not receive any of the data that the government releases on construction spending, jobs openings, employment, state unemployment or materials prices, these ABC releases will also pause.

Additional Resources: