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OSHA issued a final rule for confined spaces in construction on May 4, which mirrors the general industry standard but adds certain provisions tailored specifically to the construction industry including an emphasis on training, monitoring and evaluating, as well as communication on multi-employer sites. The rule is set to go into effect August 3.

The final rule defines a confined space as one with  that has limited means of entry and/or exit, is large enough for a worker to enter it, and is not intended for regular/continuous occupancy. To clarify the differences between the general industry standard and the construction standard of what a confined space is, OSHA created a frequently asked questions section which is available online

OSHA has also provided a number of compliance assistance materials for small businesses. 

ABC is in the process of reviewing the rule and will be providing members with additional compliance assistance in the anticipation of the final rule going into effect. 

For more information on the final rule, please see an analysis written by Jackson Lewis P.C.