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ABC has created a new interactive map to help connect developers, contractors, future apprentices and other stakeholders with more than 300 government-registered apprenticeship programs in over 20 different trades offered by ABC chapters.

Contractors and apprentices participating in government-registered apprenticeship programs are in high demand as a result of new federal policy that incentivizes the use of government-registered apprentices on clean energy construction projects.

The Inflation Reduction Act, signed into law in August of 2022, provides over $270 billion in tax credits for the construction of solar, wind, hydrogen, carbon sequestration, electric vehicle charging stations and other clean energy projects. Policy within the IRA grants developers/taxpayers a bonus tax credit 500% greater than a baseline tax credit of 6% if developers ensure that 12.5% of all construction hours on a project are performed by apprentices enrolled in government-registered apprenticeship programs (this increases to 15% for projects breaking ground in 2024).

ABC chapter government-registered apprenticeship programs comply with all U.S. Department of Labor and State Apprenticeship Agency requirements outlined in the IRA.

ABC’s 68 chapters nationwide stand ready to assist stakeholders in complying with the IRA, help contractors enroll in chapter government-registered apprenticeship programs and support contractors creating their own in-house government-registered apprenticeship programs.

Please visit abc.org/ira for additional government and ABC resources on IRA compliance and abc.org/grapmap to access the interactive map.

Forthcoming guidance from the Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Department of the Treasury may provide additional clarity to stakeholders with questions about the IRA’s apprenticeship requirements and inadequate initial guidance released late last year.