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BIM is the future of the construction industry. In fact, BIM adoption in North America reached 71% in 2012 up from only 17% in 2007, according a McGraw Hill Construction SmartMarket Report. The reason might lie in the fact that 67% of users in this report that demonstrated a very high level of BIM engagement saw a positive return on investment (ROI) (specifically a 52% increase in their profits) compared to only 20% of low-level users.

See where you rank with BIM.

These findings echo what ABC members are seeing. Messer Construction, Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, has been using VDC for 10 years and offered some of their positive ROI across nine projects, including:

  • A 72% reduction in requests for information
  • A 55% reduction in change orders
  • A 47% reduction in contingency spent
  • 600 days direct schedule reductions (32 days average schedule reductions)
  • 25% and up in productivity increases
  • 2.95% average direct cost reductions.

Looking at those numbers it’s clear why another McGraw-Hill SmartMarket report shows that in all of the AEC industry, contractors are reaping the biggest benefits, with 7 out of 10 reporting positive results from their use of BIM. 

No matter your relationship with BIM—whether you’re interested but aren’t sure how to adopt it yet or a savvy user that wants to take their skills to the next level—figuring out how to maximize your ROI can be tricky.

By partnering with BIM industry experts—Synergis and Autodesk—ABC now offers best practices, a BIM ranking guide based on your particular area of expertise and a series of training classes to help you maximize your profitability, productivity and safety using BIM.

Take a look at for information on how and why you should get involved with BIM or ways you could capitalize even more on your BIM investment and then contact Synergis for personalized information on what steps you could be taking.

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