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The U.S. House of Representatives Jan. 13 voted 250-175 in favor of the ABC-supported Regulatory Accountability Act (H.R. 185). Prior to the vote, ABC sent a letter urging Congress to support the legislation stating that it will ensure greater accountability from federal agencies and result in increased transparency in the federal rulemaking process. 

The letter cites that because guidelines and policy are often generated by federal regulatory agencies using loopholes and incomplete data while circumventing the will of Congress and the American public, this can ultimately result in poorly constructed regulations that also bring on crippling costs for businesses in affected industries, including construction. These increased costs often must be passed on to the consumer but also hinder business owners from further investing in their business or hiring more workers. 

The Regulatory Accountability Act will help to close these loopholes by increasing accountability and transparency across federal agencies. ABC believes that a more transparent regulatory process will lead to a more comprehensive approach in federal rulemaking as well as more practical, cost-effective rules and regulations.

The bill will now be passed on to the Senate and ABC will continue to cover its progress through Newsline.