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If your company isn’t using BIM, you’re already behind. Half of the industry and half of contractors use BIM in some capacity, according to a McGraw-Hill SmartMarket report on BIM adoption in the AEC fields. And contractors are reaping the biggest benefits: seven out of 10 report positive results from their use of BIM.

With the construction industry’s lack of progress toward improving productivity, virtual design construction (VDC) is becoming the next frontier for improving business processes and, ultimately, bottom lines. But even those that already use BIM see more potential in the future—93% think that, compared to today, there is additional value to gained from BIM in the future. Given the gains some contractors (and owners) are seeing, that’s going to be a lot of value.

ABC member Messer Construction, Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, has been using VDC for 10 years. Looking at their results across nine projects presents an impressive picture:

  • A 72% reduction in requests for information
  • A 55% reduction in change orders
  • A 47% reduction in contingency spent
  • 600 days direct schedule reductions (32 days average schedule reductions)
  • 25% and up in productivity increases
  • 2.95% average direct cost reductions.
Adopters of BIM are outspoken about the benefits but it can seem like a daunting task to get involved for those who don’t know where to start. To take BIM as far as it can go, it’s important to integrate it throughout the company and that requires a framework, a vision, driven leadership, and incremental integrated change.

If you’re not completely ready to jump into a total company transformation, BIM can be used in some aspect during any contractor’s construction process—it’s really just picking a place to start. If you’re already using BIM, it’s becoming easier than ever to take your BIM use to the next level.

Check out for resources on how to get started or, if you’re already involved, how to get even better.