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At the request of a federal court judge, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Dec. 23 announced that it is again delaying implementation of its requirement that employers post an 11-by-17-inch notice displaying a list of select employee rights granted by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). 

The rule, originally scheduled to take effect Nov. 14, is now postponed until April 30, 2012. It has been subject to several lawsuits, including one involving ABC, that resulted in the postponement of the rule’s initial effective date.   

The ABC-led Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW), in conjunction with the National Association of Manufacturers, filed a lawsuit Sept. 26, shortly after the NLRB released the final version of its poster. The lawsuit asserted that the NLRB does not have authority under the NLRA to issue the rule. 

In addition to filing the lawsuit, ABC has produced an 11-by-17-inch supplemental notice designed exclusively for nonunion contractors outlining additional rights granted under the NLRA. 

The official NLRB notice and ABC’s supplemental notice can be downloaded at; however, printing and posting of the notice is not required before April 30, 2012, and may be further impacted by the outcome of the lawsuit. For more information about jurisdiction and posting requirements, the NLRB offers a list of frequent asked questions.

Information on ABC’s actions and positions regarding the rule can be found at