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The comment deadline for the Federal Highway Administration’s June 22 proposed rule for the National Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program is Aug. 22. The proposed rule would require contractors to use government-registered apprentices and the controversial union-backed Electric Vehicle Industry Training Program.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, signed into law in 2021, includes $7.5 billion for EV charging stations, which includes $5 billion over five years to install EV chargers mostly along interstate highways. The proposed rule provides requirements for implementing this funding. ABC previously responded to a request for information on the program urging the FHWA to avoid union labor requirements and to instead welcome all qualified contractors to build EV chargers.

ABC is currently finalizing comments opposing the labor requirements of the proposed rule. ABC member contractors comprise a key segment of the construction industry’s EV contracting base. Failing to encourage an inclusive policy will ultimately undermine the Biden administration’s goal of increasing the number of EV charging stations across America from 48,000 to 500,000 by 2030 and building America’s new clean energy infrastructure.

If you are interested in submitting comments before the deadline and need assistance, please reach out to Michael Altman and/or Ben Brubeck.