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ABC member Page Mechanical Group Inc. (PMG) reached a major milestone in its employee education program in October by launching its own apprenticeship training program. The program is accredited through NCCER and offers PMG employees an in-house apprenticeship training program in pipefitting, welding, sheet metal fabrication and insulation trades. 

The program is provided at no cost to employees and is offered in both English and Spanish. As of Nov. 16, PMG has a total of 30 students enrolled in both the English and Spanish versions of the program.

While addressing the program’s first students, PMG President Dave Collins said, “This is an important step in your future and careers. I once sat in the very seats you are sitting in today. I started as an apprentice taking classes at night and working during the day.” 

Collins added that he felt the additional training programs were central to the company’s commitment to safety and high-quality trade-related education. “This program will not only benefit our employees, our company and our clients, but also will strengthen our core principles of quality workmanship and commitment to safety. PMG believes that all accidents are preventable.”

PMG also plans to introduce curriculum focusing on fundamentals in crew leadership as well as courses in project management. “These programs will provide our employees with career progression opportunities in the construction industry that represent a viable comparison to a standard college education,” said Collins.

Based in Fort Myers, Fla., PMG provides HVAC, plumbing and electrical services to the new construction and service markets in Southwest Florida. To learn more about the company’s new apprenticeship program, contact Director of Education and Safety Assurance Jim Worley.