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As a project manager for an Alabama-based ABC member company, B.L. Harbert, Michael Carpenter works on project planning and execution, provides proactive leadership in safety, enforces contractual responsibilities and much more. By joining the ABC National Young Professional program, Michael is able to help ensure project profitability and grow his business development strategies by learning from his peers and expanding his network. This Q&A gives a brief overview of his participation in the program and how it’s benefiting both him and his company.

Q1. Why did you decide to join the National YP group?
Michael: I joined the ABC National Young Professional (YP) group to take advantage of an opportunity to grow both personally, as well as professionally. I use the program as a means to develop business relationships with the other participants. I also wanted to learn new tools that would enable me to become a better manager throughout my construction career that others in the YP group are already implementing.

Q2. What has been the best part of participating? 
Michael: As a result of participating in the YP program, the relationships I have developed with peers in the industry have been the best part thus far.

Q3. What value and potential value do you see in the group? 
Michael: The value and potential value in the National YP program is as great as I make it because of all the opportunities that are available to its members. What I most value about this group is the insight I gain from the other members who have already proven themselves as successful leaders in our industry.

Q4. Why is it important to you to be involved in an association early on in your career? 
Michael: I do not want to become complacent in my role as a Project Manager. Associations such as ABC and their National Young Professional program are valuable because we discuss topics such as new construction trends or technology that is a potential game changer in future construction. These types of conversations allow me to continue to grow in my profession.

Q5. Why should other young professionals join the program and focus on professional/leadership development?
Michael: I believe ABC’s YP program is a great opportunity to network with construction professionals and learn from their experiences and successes. Membership has aided me in developing strategies and goals for my professional development.

To learn more about how you or one of your young employees can join the ABC National Young Professional program and receive discounts, networking and learning opportunities, visit or contact [email protected]