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Last month, the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy released a report analyzing the economic significance of small businesses in the United States. The report revealed that construction is among the industry sectors in the U.S. economy most dominated by small businesses, with 84% of those who work in the industry working for a small business. 

The report also found that small construction businesses employ more than 4.3 million people nationally and that 93% of the construction industry’s 644,333 small employer firms employ between one and 19 people.

Nationally, “other services” was the only industry where small firms employed a higher share of the workforce (86%). Overall, small businesses employ just under half of the private sector workforce. Small businesses were defined as those employing fewer than 500 people. 

To see the small business impact on the construction industry in your state, read the rest of the full report. In addition, check out ABC 2014 National Chairman Dan Brodbeck's Op-Ed during National Small Business Week earlier this summer.