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ABC President and CEO Mike Bellaman hit the airwaves last week one day after congressional and administration leaders released a highly anticipated tax reform framework. “Our 21,000 members are applauding,” ABC CEO Mike Bellaman said in a live interview with Fox Business’s early-morning FBN:am show on Thursday, Sept. 28. “This helps our big companies, our small companies as well as our workers.”

Following up on a statement issued in reaction to the release of the Unified Framework for Fixing Our Broken Tax Code by ABC on Sept. 27, Bellaman explained the benefits of fair tax treatment for all companies regardless of size, structure or sector. “In our business, it’s all about cash flow. Every extra dollar of cash means an extra dollar they can invest in talent, technology and equipment so they can continue to grow their business, hire more people—it’s a beautiful flywheel effect.”

Bellaman also gave a live interview to RT’s Boom Bust Thursday afternoon highlighting tax changes needed by construction contractors, which face the highest effective tax rate of any industry.