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With the shortage of skilled workers reaching 650,000 this year alone, educating, upskilling and retaining the industry’s current workforce is critical. This means an organization’s workforce development program and processes are more important than ever. The ABC Workforce Development Management System was created to evaluate such programs and validate what each organization is already doing or identify areas for enhancement.

The Workforce Development Management System is a no-cost, easy-to-use assessment designed to assist users with a self-evaluation of their workforce development program, using 11 key components of world-class programs.

WDMS participation benefits include:

  • Applying the 11 WDMS key components assists in identifying a starting point and road map to follow in establishing a workforce development program.
  • If an organization has an established workforce development program, applying the WDMS key components validates the robustness and effectiveness of the program and identifies opportunities for enhancement.
  • Annual implementation of the WDMS affords a participating organization with a badge signifying the organization’s dedication to workforce development. Digital badges may be used on proposal documents, marketing materials and social media.
  • Use of the WDMS allows for the analysis of annually aggregated data to determine collective industry workforce development trends.

Additional information can be found in this infographic or at Apply today!