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Over the next two years, contractors expect the percentage of their work that involves BIM to increase by 50%, on average, according to 2013 McGraw Hill Construction data. Because of this, every construction owner should be learning how to incorporate BIM into their business. Here are two reasons why.

It Increases Productivity
Statistics demonstrate that 76 percent of North American contractors report that they have a strong return on investment when including BIM in their businesses because BIM increases productivity and streamlines processes. Those using the technology say they see improved outcomes and their employees’ productivity increases drastically.

An ABC member, Messer Construction Co., has been utilizing virtual design and construction (VDC) over the past 10 years and BIM has helped them reduce requests for information (RFIs) by 72%, contingency spent, or money set aside for work whose cost is uncertain before the project starts by 47% and change orders by 55%.

The Competition is Using It
By 2015, 79% of contractors will be engaged with BIM at a high level. Construction businesses can no longer afford to ignore the increasing popularity and effectiveness of BIM technology.

What’s next?
There are a lot of BIM training programs out there. But determining how to get started or how to move forward with BIM can be challenging. ABC has enlisted the expertise of Synergis Engineering Design Solutions to help create a clear path forward for companies so ABC members and their employees have an opportunity to succeed with BIM. 

To learn more about BIM and how to get started, visit The 2014 McGraw Hill BIM SmartMarket Report is also available for download.