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Through Project Virtual Marketplace, ABC’s exclusive program for BIM products and services, ABC members have access to four new programs that help businesses find BIM solutions.  

Every person working on a construction project deserves to work under a fair contract where their interests are represented early on and risk is fairly allocated to help reduce costs. Whether working at the office or from the road, the ConsensusDocs platform provides instant access to your contract documents, a personalized dashboard and an easy-to-use system to locate recent projects, edit contracts, review changes, or start a new contract. ABC member, Carole Bionda, past ABC National Chair, and Vice President and General Counsel for Nova Group, Inc., explains why she chose to use ConsensusDocs and how it has helped her business.

ABC announced Jan. 6 that Fringe Benefit Group (FBG) has become ABC's fourth strategic partner and will be supporting ABC’s core value of ethics and compliance through their success of keeping clients in compliance with complex government regulations.

FedEx, an ABC Business Partner, is giving our members a chance to win prizes including a trip to the 2015 Pro Bowl in Glendale, Az. When you enroll in the FedEx Advantage® discount program you’re automatically entered in the FedEx Advantage 2015 Pro Bowl Package sweepstakes. In addition, every eligible shipment you make counts as an additional sweepstakes entry, with a maximum of 50 additional entries. Members who are already enrolled in the program can register as well. 

FedEx wants to help celebrate ABC members’ hard work and accomplishments by automatically signing them up to receive an exclusive offer every week from FedEx Fridays until Sept. 5 when they enroll in the FedEx Advantage® discount program.

ABC members have the chance to win $10,000 when they apply for the FedEx Advantage discount program. Through ABC’s business partner program, members can energize their business and get the opportunity to win dozens of prizes. 

ABC Business Partner, the American Institute of Architects (AIA), is now offering ABC members a free 30-day trial of AIA Contract Documents® software that includes full access to all AIA agreements and forms. Sign up by Friday, Sept. 20 to start the free trial.

One of ABC’s Business Partners, General Motors, recently received eight J.D. Power Initial Quality Awards – more than any other automaker. ABC members can take advantage of discounts on some of the award-winning vehicles by visiting ABC’s Business Partner page. 

ABC members can now take advantage of savings on most GM 2014 and 2013 model year vehicles under the ABC Business Partner Program. In 2012, ABC members saved approximately $5 million through the program.

The ABC Business Partner AIA Contract Documents released seven new documents on June 20, including new BIM and Digital Documents, a new document family called Program Management, and three free guides.