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Through Project Virtual Marketplace, ABC’s exclusive program for BIM products and services, ABC members have access to four new programs that help businesses find BIM solutions.  

Here are four new ways you can receive exclusive discounts and incorporate BIM in your business:

  1. Assemble Systems is a cloud-based model-data-management solution that enables AEC firms to leverage BIM data for increased project insight, advanced project collaboration and data-driven decision-making. This program allows you to easily perform model-based takeoff, access and condition object properties, identify visual variance and execute conceptual estimating, ultimately increasing productivity, efficiency and accuracy. ABC members receive 10 percent off license purchases and can take advantage of a free 14-day trial period to try Assemble.
  2. Synchro PRO brings real-time, 4-D visibility to scheduling. For the first time, you can see what you have planned optimize your approach and validate your schedule before you ever start construction. ABC members receive a 10 percent discount on all new Synchro PRO and Synchro Scheduler licenses, including a 10-day free trial.
  3. Digital Exchange Server (DES) is a web based document control platform specifically for BIM file management of all file formats. Through DES, you can find a better way to manage your BIM process, the coordination process and general project management functions. ABC members receive 20 percent off DES’ regular hosting services, as well a one-month trial period to test the service.
  4. Architectural Resource Consultants (ARC) is a leading national provider of High Definition Survey (HDS) 3-D laser scanning services. ARC has the capabilities to provide cost-effective solutions to these challenges through its wide array of laser technologies and offers discounted trade rates of 15 percent to all ABC members, including up to seven hours of free consultation.
To learn more about these new offerings and take advantage of exclusive discounts for ABC members, visit