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At our Construction Management Career Fair on Nov. 11, in San Diego, Calif., ABC is giving our members the invaluable opportunity to recruit their next top performers from a group of top-tier students from all over the country. 

Here are three reasons why you want to take part in the career fair:

  • THE PARTICIPATING STUDENTS ARE LEADERS: The majority of the students participating in the career fair are in town to take part in the Construction Management Competition. These teams are the top performers in their construction management programs and have taken on the challenge of getting real world experience and competing on a national level.
  • YOU CAN SAVE ON YOUR RECRUITING EFFORTS: By meeting with the students, reviewing their resumes and interviewing them at one place, you can consolidate your recruiting efforts and save both time and money.
  • YOU CAN RECRUIT THE NEXT GENERATION OF ABC LEADERS: The students we have coming to the career fair are currently a part of their college or university’s ABC student chapter. If your company wants to find employees that embrace the merit shop philosophy and your core values, our student chapters are the perfect place to find them. 

Reserve booth space at the at the Career Fair website